Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wild ride on Wall St

US stocks swung wildly in a 10% range today before finally closing up 6%. After a midday testing of 8000, the Dow closed at 8835 and the S&P ended at 911. Indian markets were shut for a holiday.

The huge swings this week speak to the ongoing struggle between Uranus and Saturn who are both competing for Jupiter's attention. All three are in close aspect with each other hence the rapid movement between Saturn's pessimism and Uranus' exuberance. The earlier down move this week was so strong, I assumed Saturn was edging out Uranus. After today's action, I'm not so sure. We could start lower in the morning tomorrow, but move up in the afternoon after the Moon moves away from Rahu's influence.

In any event, I still think there is some significant negative energy that needs to be released over the next few sessions. Let's see how it plays out.