Thursday, February 7, 2008

Head Above Water

The American markets finished modestly up on the day with the Dow at 12 267 and the S&P at 1336. This was a little better than I thought they would do, although the basic pattern to the price action was as expected : down in the morning by more than 1% and recovering in the afternoon. As it turned out, the markets were only in negative territory for an hour or so, so the day ended more bullish.

This is a clue that Venus transiting over the 6th house of the NYSE chart is more resilient than I had anticipated. This is perhaps due to the alignment of Sun, Venus, and Uranus at around 23-24 degrees of their respective signs. Still, a negative opening is possible as the Moon opposes Saturn. The market should recover after that. The close looks pretty strong as Moon and Jupiter enter into a closer sextile. The wild card here is the Sun as it crosses the Descendant applying to conjoin Neptune, which is likely a bearish influence. I don't think this will be sufficiently malefic to force the markets into the red. So overall, it should be an up day.