Tuesday, February 5, 2008

American Markets drop 3%

Tough day on American markets Tuesday. But pretty much as forecast, although the decline may have been a day earlier than I thought. Mercury opposite the NYSE Uranus is definitely part of the immediate problem.

The Moon is semisextile to Jupiter tomorrow morning EST so that ought to give a boost to markets. I seriously doubt if any gains will hold through the afternoon however. Huge volatility as Sun applies to oppose Uranus as well. I would expect intraday lows well below Dow 12,200/ SPX 1320 (perhaps 12,000). No certainties on the close, but a Dow below 12,200 is very possible.

Transiting Mercury is key here since the chart is running Sat-Sun-Mer dasha. It will switch over to Sa-Su-Ke on Feb 11 according to the Krishnamurti ayanamsha. Ketu subsubperiod begins in another three weeks according to Lahiri.