Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mars does damage; hopes now pinned on Jupiter-Uranus

Another week of fear and loathing in the financial world amidst a sea of less than cheery news. Hungary's potential for default pushed the Euro below 1.20 for the first time since 2006, a US employment report that showed precious little in the way of new jobs, and the never-ending oil Gulf spill threatens to put the entire US eastern seaboard in a choke hold. After gamely pushing back to its 200-day moving average on Thursday, Friday's jobs report sent the Dow below 10,000 closing at 9931 down more than 2% on the week. In Mumbai, the picture was somewhat rosier since Indian markets were largely spared Friday's carnage. The Sensex closed at 17,177 while the Nifty finished at a respectable 5135. Mars over-fulfilled its role as the planetary villain last week as the Mars-Saturn aspect coincided with Tuesday's decline worldwide. The Mars-Neptune opposition manifested a little later than expected (but still right on time), as Friday's selloff occurred when Mars (4 Leo 41) was almost exactly opposite Neptune (4 Aquarius 47).

Of course, these Mars aspects have become extremely potent here because the planets being aspected (Saturn, Neptune) are involved with larger and more clearly negative celestial alignments. It is critically important to recognize that these aspects are going to hang around for while and will create more tension and anxiety in financial markets for much of 2010. For example, Saturn and Uranus are in close opposition aspect until late July. Saturn and Neptune will form a quincunx aspect until the beginning of July. And by the time August rolls around, Pluto will join in and square Saturn. All told, this sequence of aspects this year is among the very the worst imaginable.

This week begins with Mars aspecting the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus. This looks like a very energetic and intense combination that suggests major moves are possible. Jupiter and Uranus are often seen as optimistic and risk-taking planets but against the larger backdrop of all that Saturn energy, it will interesting to see how these divergent impulses play out. Mars is not an energy that is easily integrated into an already tense environment although Jupiter can be a very forgiving planet. Later in the week, Venus enters Cancer and Mercury will move in sync with Jupiter and Uranus which suggests that despite the gathering gloom, the cup may actually be half full -- if only for a short while.