Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jupiter-Uranus saves markets

Markets teetered near their recent lows before bouncing higher last week as Euro concerns moved to the back burner on more hopeful economic data. In New York, the Dow climbed back over the 10k level and ended almost 3% higher at 10,211 with the S&P coming in at 1091. The situation was a little less rosy in Mumbai, however, as markets edged lower with the Sensex finishing at 17,064 and the Nifty at 5119. US markets survived a near-death experience on Tuesday as the key indexes flirted with recent May low, a violation of which would have likely sparked near panic selling. Astrologically, this coincided with the high-energy alignment of Mars with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. The move by Venus into Cancer introduced a measure of optimism midweek which got a further boost Thursday and Friday when Mercury joined the party with Jupiter-Uranus. While we are currently trapped in the vice-like grip of some very heavy and portentous planets, I did expect some relief rally here so it was nice to see that come to fruition.

Meanwhile, the nightmarish never-ending oil spill in the Gulf is reaching a point that it may be affecting overall US market sentiment. Revised leak rates and more dire predictions of environmental damage are contributing to the overall gloomy mood on Wall Street, even if there may be relatively little direct impact on the economy as a whole. As we know, the markets are driven by sentiment in all its glorious "animal spirits" irrationality, and this is where understanding planetary influences can become so helpful for gaining extra insight. So while there may an increase of entrepreneurial enthusiasm from the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction here, it is important to note that Jupiter is now separating from Uranus, so this effect may be prone to weakening in the days to come. Furthermore, Saturn will begin to replace Jupiter as the primary interface for Uranus. It was Saturn and Uranus that started this latest negative phase in the market back on April 26 when it last formed its opposition aspect. Yes, folks, its coming back for yet another return engagement. In other words, we cannot expect too much smooth sailing anytime soon.

This week begins with a text book instance of favorable planets. Venus, the planet of love, luxury and enjoyment, will come under the aspect of Jupiter-Uranus on Monday and Tuesday. Since Jupiter is the very embodiment of bullish optimism, one would tend to think a positive result would be likely. Of course, all the background influences are looking unsettled at best, so we should not become too complacent even with bullish patterns. On Tuesday, the Sun enters sidereal Gemini. This may result in more sober thinking (hint: this is a euphemism for gloom) since the Sun will come under the aspect of plodding, deliberative Saturn. Later in the week Mercury, the planet of commerce and communication, forms an aspect with Ketu, the planet of sacrifice and renunciation. Not a good combination for financial markets I should think.

"Caution is the eldest child of wisdom" - Victor Hugo