Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mars runs Saturn-Neptune gauntlet early; Jupiter-Uranus await

After a near death experience early in the week, stocks regained their footing later on as some improved economic data and soothing words about Europe from the Chinese government induced buyers to part with their money. For all the volatility, stocks in New York closed mostly unchanged as the Dow closed at 10,136 and the S&P at 1089. Indian markets fared somewhat better as shares added more than 2% as the Sensex ended Friday's session at 16,863 while the Nifty finished at 5066.

The approach of the twin stations of gloomy Saturn (May 30) and sickly Neptune (May 31) did not disappoint as our prediction for more market mayhem and intensity was more or less realized. Tuesday's plunge revisited levels last seen in February and thereby became a basis for a fledgling low volume rally into the end of the week. While current prices are still perilously close to the 200 day moving average, there may be a ray of hope emerging on the sense that the markets may have dodged a bullet -- at least for now.

Mars will be a key player in the planetary soup this week as it forms a minor aspect with Saturn and Neptune early in the week. Mars is often a bitter taste, especially when combined with malefics such as Saturn and Neptune. This appears to be a destabilizing influence that will reflect some kind of dysfunctional quality in the economy. This does not seem like a positive combination at all. Towards the end of the week, Mars will leave the negativity behind and move towards Uranus and Jupiter. This is an entirely different sort of cosmic picture where risk, action and restlessness will be the watchwords. In fact, the trio of Mars, Jupiter and Uranus would seem to be the perfect planetary profile of "the speculator".