Saturday, May 22, 2010

Euro haunts markets; Saturn-Neptune still looms

Transits for May 24, 2010 9.30 a.m. New York

It felt like 2008 all over again last week as markets teetered over mounting fears surrounding the Euro and the Eurozone economies. As volatility spiked in New York, stocks fell more than 4% for the week with the Dow closing at 10,193 and the S&P at 1087. The sell-off also took hold in Mumbai as the Sensex closed down 3% to 16,445 and the Nifty at 4931. The market looks to have broken down here as psychology has undergone a fundamental shift. This is very much in keeping with the extremely tense and powerful alignment of planets that marks the sky at the present time. While I thought we might have seen more gains later in the week -- only Friday's session was higher in the US -- the overriding pessimism out there was not surprising as we approached the extremely nasty Saturn direct station on May 30.

Interestingly, the Euro did manage to rebound, although it was mostly fueled on the belief that the European Central Bank had begun to intervene in the market and was buying up unwanted Euros. As the turbulence has grown, even gold has fallen out of favour as investors are wary of another deflationary spiral like we saw in 2008. Gold's weakness is very much a reflection of the recent weakening of the planet Venus. Its parabolic run-up occurred while Venus was transiting sidereal Taurus, a sign that Venus is said to rule and do well in. It left Taurus and entered Gemini on May 14 -- the very same day of its all time high at $1250 on the futures contract. Gemini is a less favourable sign for Venus and it has been in retreat ever since that date. The prospect of Mars entering Leo on Wednesday this week may deliver another blow to gold. Leo is a sign with a strong affinity for gold and when it is connected with a malefic planet like Mars, it may make it even more vulnerable to declines.

Market analysts point to the breakdown of the 200-day moving average last week as a technical sign that we may have entered new territory here. Whenever the key stock indexes are above this moving average, the market is said to enjoy positive momentum as most people believe it to be a bullish condition. But when prices fall below this line, gloom descends and investors become more fearful. What is interesting is that this new and dangerous situation is very much reflected in the stars. The twin stations of Saturn and Neptune on the 30th and 31st are quite unusual and, when combined with their tense aspects to Uranus and Jupiter, quite portentous of difficult events and outcomes. All told, the next two weeks or so could be quite intense.