Monday, April 20, 2015

Libyan ship sinking highlights tensions within the EU horoscope

(20 April 2015)  European governments are weighing their options this week after the tragic sinking of a ship of migrants off the coast of Libya.  Almost 700 people are believed to have drowned as the migrants were escaping the political instability in Libya.  The sinking highlights the plight of refugees from Syria, Iraq, and now Libya who have witnessed their societies descend into war and chaos in recent years.  Europe's proximity to the troubled region has forced it consider its humanitarian responsibility despite its own ongoing economic stagnation.  The influx of refugees and immigrants from these Islamic countries has tested European values of tolerance and openness and has provided fuel for right wing political parties.  The emergency meeting of EU foreign ministers today will attempt to formulate a better response to the refugee crisis.

This latest chapter in the European migrant situation can be seen through the horoscope of the EU (1 November 1993, 00.00 a.m. Maastricht, Netherlands).   The natal chart itself hints at possible problems with foreigners as the ruler of the 12th house, Mercury (26 Libra), is placed very close to the 4th house cusp.  The 12th house typically represents outsiders and foreigners while the 4th house symbolizes the home.   This placement reflects the tendency that foreign-born people will have an important or even outsized role in the EU.    However, problems are indicated by the difficult condition of Mercury in the 4th house.   It is closely conjunct malefic Mars and Pluto in the first degree of Scorpio.  Even worse, perhaps, is that it receives a full strength 10th house aspect from Saturn.  This suggests that the sense of home and belonging (4th house) will be disrupted or hard to achieve for migrants (12th house).  It may also create tensions and stresses for native Europeans that undermine their own sense of security and belonging. 

The sense of security and belonging is also weakened by the difficult position of the Moon (0 Taurus).  While the Moon enjoys a certain pride of place through its position at the top of the chart in the 10th house, it is closely opposed by Mars and Pluto.   Both of these planets undermine the sense of peacefulness and security that one normally associates with the home and homeland.   The partial strength square aspect from Saturn (29 Capricorn) to the Moon should also be seen as a negative influence. 

Foreigners and migrants are symbolized by the 12th house as well as the planets Saturn and Rahu (North Lunar Node).  Rahu is perhaps the most closely associated with notions of outsiders and foreigners, while Saturn has a secondary role as it represents low status people, which is often associated with individuals who do not belong to the dominant in-group. 

Interestingly, both of these planets are highlighted in the current transit chart.  Transiting Saturn is conjunct natal Rahu.  If Rahu symbolizes outsiders and foreigners, then Saturn's malefic transit is a very appropriate influence that reflects the harm and suffering of the migrants.  While this conjunction doesn't necessarily reflect the specific sinking of this ship given Saturn's slow velocity, it does capture something of the soul-searching that is occurring on the migrant issue in Europe these days.

Weekly Financial Update

Stocks generally slipped last week on earnings concerns and indications of slower growth in China.  The Dow ended 1% lower at 17,826, while India's Sensex closed at 28,442.  This negative outcome was in keeping with expectations given the three bearish-looking aspects I mentioned in last week's update.  Much of the damage occurred on Friday and closely coincided with the bearish Mars-Jupiter square aspect.

This week looks more mixed.  The early week leans bullish on the Venus-Jupiter alignment on Monday and Tuesday.  Monday has been lower in Asia but European and US markets are higher.  A potential big mover of stocks occurs midweek on the Mercury-Mars conjunction at 22 degrees of Aries.   This is a bearish combination.  This is exact on Wednesday but it could manifest on other days given the larger alignment with Pluto (21 Sagittarius) and Uranus (23 Pisces).