Sunday, March 9, 2014

The mystery of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370

(9 March 2014)  Almost two days after it disappeared from radar screens, there is still no sign of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.  Originating out of Kuala Lumpur and bound for Beijing, MH370 apparently vanished from tracking radar less than two hours into its flight.  It is believed to have gone down somewhere in the Gulf of Thailand between Malaysia and Vietnam.  There was no distress call from the pilots and thus far there is also no sign of wreckage in the sea.  There were 279 people on board.  There is a possibility of terrorism as several passengers were travelling with stolen passports but that remains speculative at this point.  The vanishing plane is a mysterious and disturbing event that has so far not yielded any answers.

A horoscope cast for the time of take-off provides an intriguing picture.  MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur at 00.41 a.m. on March 8th.  The resulting chart of the flight shows nearly exactly angular Moon and Neptune.  The Moon (13 Taurus) is exactly on the 7th house cusp while Neptune (11 Aquarius) sits precisely on the unequal 4th house cusp (or IC).   This combination is about as appropriate as one can imagine since Neptune symbolizes mystery, confusion and above all, water.  The 4th house also has the connotation of the "end of the matter", so Neptune's placement there is a reflection of the airplane's potentially watery fate.  The Moon is similarly considered a somewhat water-related planet, although it is worth noting the Moon was not in a water sign.  The Moon symbolizes humans and human emotion in such mundane charts and its pairing with Neptune may be seen as the difficult emotions felt by the relatives of the passengers as they await word of their loved ones.  It seems a tragic end is inevitable in this matter, but the tragedy is unfolding in slow motion as the whereabouts of the plane is unknown. 

Interestingly, the flight only contains some partial Mars afflictions.  Scorpio is rising in the chart, a sign that is ruled by Mars.  Mars is placed in the 12th house of loss, isolation and faraway places conjunct weird and unpredictable Rahu (North Lunar Node).  To be sure, this is a difficult placement that may further reflect the mysterious and violent nature of this case.  And yet, many flights take off under similar sorts of Mars-Rahu afflictions and land safely.  It may be that the Moon-Neptune factor created an extra burden on this flight that produced a different outcome.

Even then, I would not say that this chart is afflicted enough to describe, let alone, foretell, the missing flight nor its probable fate.  The extra dimension in this equation is still missing.  That is, the place and time where the plane went down.  Other flights may have taken off just a couple of minutes before or after MH370 and did not meet with any unexpected developments.  However, I would think the actual path of the plane is another part of the puzzle that could hold additional clues.   Fast-moving transits of the angles (ASC/MC) to the take-off chart may have activated more malefic planets.

Financial Markets Update

Stocks generally rose last week as the imminent threat of military action in Crimea subsided.  We did get some the expected early week jitters on the Mars-Venus aspect but then the Jupiter-Uranus influence took over and pushed stocks higher.  This bullish result was not too surprising given the underlying strength of the Jupiter-Uranus influence.  Bullish Jupiter stationed on Thursday and has since resumed its forward motion in the sky.  The Dow came to within one percent of another all time high closing at 16,452.  Indian stocks surged on pre-election optimism as investors anticipated the victory of the business-friendly BJP-led government.  The Sensex jumped 4% making a new all-time high closing just under 22,000. 

This week looks a little more tentative for stocks as there are two different aspects involving the planet Saturn -- one on Tuesday and one on Thursday.  Friday's Mercury-Mars aspect is also another potential source of trouble.  Not all these aspects will necessarily translate into declines, of course, since other factors can influence the overall outcome.  And this is even more the case now that bullish Jupiter is moving towards it aspect with Uranus.  But it does mean that stocks may have a harder time making new highs this week.  We shall see.