Saturday, October 20, 2012

Obama wins second debate; third debate on Monday

The US presidential race remains as tight as ever with national polls showing just a 1% difference between Obama and Romney with less than three weeks to go before the vote.  As I suggested in last week's post, Obama did emerge as the slight winner in the last debate according to most polls. In keeping with the stronger influence of Mars at the time of the debate, the contest was much more spirited and argumentative than the first debate.  Romney's chart suffered from an unfortunate placement from transiting Mars and hence he was unable to harness the energy of the fiery red planet as Obama did.

The third and final debate is slated for Monday night in Boca Raton, Florida.  In my opinion, the stars again favour Obama.  At the same time, I would admit that their respective birth horoscopes are perhaps more equivocal than I would like to see.  Transiting Venus (29 Leo) is exactly conjunct his natal Mars and this is not necessarily a good combination.  At best, it may suggest a love (Venus) or fighting or conflict (Mars).  It does not bode well for establishing friendship and goodwill, although we should recognize that is probably the last thing of Obama's mind.   The Sun (6 Libra) and Saturn (8 Libra) are lining up in a potentially difficult square aspect with Mercury (9 Cancer).  This could inhibit Obama's ability to clearly express himself as Saturn often distorts or denies the promise of the planet it associates with. Saturn-Mercury contacts are also prominent in situations of frustration and disappointment so there could be some elements of the debate that will be problematic for Obama.  It's definitely not a good influence, although Saturn is moving quite slowly here so it is possible it may not directly affect his performance on Monday. (See last week's post for these natal charts)

Romney's chart actually has a much better placement for that transiting Venus opposite the Sun.  The problem here is that it is a bit past its opposition so it may not do him much good.  And that transiting Mars (17  Scorpio) is still squaring all his Scorpio planets and will be exactly squaring the midpoint of Mars and Mercury.  This may or may not be decisive, but it does not look particularly helpful.

A more telling difference can be found in the charts of both campaigns, and more specifically in the relocated campaign charts for Boca Raton.  Transiting Mars (17 Scorpio) opposes the Sun in the Romney campaign chart (2 June 2011 1.16 pm).  This is a symbolic combination for confrontation, especially ones that go against the interests of the campaign.  If this chart works, it does look like Obama will be on the offensive here and it will cause Romney more headaches.  What is potentially worse for Romney is that when his campaign chart is relocated to Boca Raton, that transiting Mars moves to the exact bottom of the chart and therefore squares up against his ascendant.  This is rarely a positive set up.  Romney may well be feisty himself, but it seems it may work against his best interests somehow. 

By contrast, the Obama campaign chart brings up the Mercury-Venus aspect to the ascendant.  Mercury is rising at 29 Libra in this chart putting the focus on communication and intelligence.  To be sure, Rahu (North Lunar Node) is also just three degrees away so that is one potentially complicating factor.  Venus is also exactly aspecting the ascendant from the 11th house of gains.  This is another excellent placement and suggests that the outcome is more likely to favour Obama.  The Mercury-Venus combination suggests Obama may come across as more intelligent and speak with more grace and even humour.

To be sure, these campaign charts are one step removed from the candidates' natal charts, so this analysis is somewhat more speculative than it otherwise would be.  And the absence of any strong indications for success in Obama's natal chart suggests that this prediction for another Obama debate win definitely deserves an asterisk or two.

Meanwhile, stocks were mostly unchanged last week as shrinking corporate earnings offset some encouraging data out of China.  In New York, Friday's sharp decline left the Dow flat on the week at 13,343.  Indian stocks were also neutral last week as the Sensex held its own at 18,682.  Gold slumped to $1720 as the Sun entered sidereal Libra, its sign of debilitation.  Overall, this outcome was not unexpected as I thought the aspects looked fairly mixed. 

This week may tilt more negatively, however, as Venus enters sidereal Virgo, its sign of debilitation on Tuesday.  Some gains may be more likely in the early week, however. Thursday's Sun-Saturn conjunction would also suggest growing caution and pessimism.  This is also likely to create more declines for gold as both the Sun and Venus are debilitated until mid-November.