Saturday, October 29, 2011

Stocks cheer EU deal on Jupiter-Pluto

Investors broke out the champagne last week as the EU finally got a deal done to address the debt crisis in Greece. The Dow rose by 4% closing at 12,231 while the S&P500 finished the week at 1285. Indian markets were even stronger as the RBI was more favourable. The Sensex jumped 6% closing at 17,804 while the Nifty ended the week at 5360.

While I thought we might see more volatility from the Mars and Saturn aspects, this bullish result did not come as surprise given the completion of the Jupiter-Pluto aspect. I had noted that Friday's very tight alignment between the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto could be bullish. The deal was actually announced early on Thursday just one day before the exact 120 degree aspect between Jupiter and Pluto. Some of the negative Mars and Saturn influences did manifest more modestly in Tuesday's down session in the US. Overall, this huge October rally has fit quite well with the Jupiter-Pluto aspect.

EU leaders reflected the energy of the Jupiter-Pluto aspect quite appropriately as prosperity (Jupiter) was pursued through large organizations and the exercise of political power (Pluto). While investors cheered the $1.4 Trillion agreement, some economists have already suggested that the deal does not contain enough specifics and will not be sufficient. I suspect that these critical voices will grow louder in the days to come as the optimistic energy from Jupiter-Pluto begins to diminish. The aspect is now separating and is losing its power. Just when the stock market will also lose confidence in the Euro and the Eurozone remains to be seen. Saturn is due to make a cameo appearance in November through its entry into sidereal Libra on the 14th. Saturn is said to be exalted in Libra and hence its more positive qualities may be more in evidence. Nonetheless, Saturn is still Saturn so even if we suddenly recognize the need for austerity once again, sentiment is perhaps somewhat more likely to head south. If the markets may be in a partying mood now, there is a real risk of nasty hangover sooner rather than later.

We will get our first test of the post-Jupiter-Pluto period this week. Given the rise that accompanied this aspect, we should now expect a reduction in optimism. As an added negative, Mars enters Leo on Monday. There is often some fallout whenever Mars changes signs so this perhaps tilts outcomes towards declines. On the other hand, Mercury is approaching its conjunction with Venus this week. This is usually a bullish combination. And we can see that this pairing forms potentially positive aspects with Neptune on Monday and Uranus on Wednesday and Thursday. So that offers up the real possibility of some upside this week also. The end of the week may be more prone to selling as Friday's Moon-Mars opposition could reflect some anxiety and frayed nerves. So there is some planetary evidence for both positive and negative outcomes here.