Saturday, November 27, 2010

Markets slide under more Rahu-Pluto fallout

Stocks moved lower last week over Eurozone debt worries and geopolitical uncertainty in the Korean peninsula. In New York, the Dow lost about 1% during Thanksgiving week closing at 11,092 while the S&P500 finished at 1189. Indian stocks suffered deeper losses as the housing loan scandal merely added to the headwinds. The Sensex lost more than 2% to 19,136 as the Nifty closed at 5751. The fairly gloomy mood here was more or less in keeping with my expectations for more uncertainty and pessimism from the recent Rahu-Pluto conjunction. The early week was fairly bearish in the US and this roughly correlated with the aftermath of the Mercury-Mars conjunction. The midweek Mercury-Jupiter aspect delivered the goods on time as most world markets rallied strongly on Wednesday's improving job picture. And as expected, the late week saw an increase in caution as the Sun was in aspect to Pluto.

November is thus far shaping up to be quite a negative month as the Rahu-Pluto conjunction continues to dominate the proceedings. Rahu's penchant for narrow self-interest and distortion is expressed through the lens of Pluto's desire for power and control over large scale structures. The circumstances surrounding the EU bailout of Ireland last week perhaps speaks to this influence as the political implications of the proposed austerity package is coming under much scrutiny. While austerity may be necessary to restore confidence of the bond market, more citizens are asking why it is necessary that average people are having to foot the bill for mistakes made by privately-owned banks. In other words, if gains are private, then why are losses socialized? It will be interesting to see how this discourse of fairness plays out as Rahu and Pluto are joined by Mercury and Mars over the coming weeks. I would expect some kind of peaking or resolution of these power-related issues by mid-December.

This week begins with a close square of Mars and Jupiter. Recent experience suggests that the combination of Mars' energy with the optimism of Jupiter tends to increase risk appetite and take prices higher. That may well be the case here, although the general situation seems less favourable than it has been previously. On Tuesday and Wednesday there will be a minor aspect between benefics Mercury and Venus which could boost sentiment, at least temporarily. But the cloud hanging over the market is still the approach of Mercury and Mars to that dangerous Rahu-Pluto combination. Mercury will conjoin Rahu on Friday just as Mars squares Uranus. Since both of these aspects are negative influences, the late week period looks much more uncertain.