Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dow slides with weak Venus; Jupiter-Saturn this week

Stocks slumped on most world markets last week amidst growing fears of a double dip recession in the US. The Dow broke below key technical support levels to close more than 3% lower at 10,303 and the S&P ended the week at 1079. Indian stocks resisted the down trend as the Sensex closed slightly higher for the week at 18,167 with the Nifty at 5452. This negative turn certainly comes as no surprise as I had noted the weakened condition of Venus in Virgo caught between a rock and hard place, aka the malefics Mars and Saturn. Fed Chair Ben Bernanke also dutifully played out his cosmic role as he announced further stimulus measures to kick start the sagging economy. The early week alignment between Venus, Jupiter and Pluto signaled some kind of need for increased spending, regardless of the consequences. Indeed, Monday's gains more or less corresponded with the Venus-Jupiter aspect while things began to unravel shortly after the aspect had passed.

So it seems that there are growing signs that the current skein of planetary aspects may finally be exerting some effects here. There is a sense that the economy isn't right and is not on the path to recovery anytime soon. More observers are noting the inability or unwillingness for government to address economic problems head-on. Europe's problems also appear poised to return to the front burner here as bond yields are once again rising for peripheral countries such as Greece and Spain. This is an indication that sovereign debt loads may becoming too large for most market participants to accept.

This week continues the parade of potentially notable aspects. Saturn exactly opposes Jupiter on Monday. This confrontational meeting between the celestial bearers of optimism and pessimism often corresponds to significant market moves. The last time they were in aspect in May, the market was in a serious down trend. Of course, the usual caveats apply. Like economics, astrology lacks infallible axiomatic knowledge and instead takes note of probabilities and tendencies, both empirical and symbolic. So what we do know is that Jupiter-Saturn aspects is an energy that does not necessarily favor expansion or risk taking. The early week period has the added feature of a tight square aspect between Mars and Rahu (North Lunar Node) that often represents a sudden or powerful release of force or energy. When it occurs alongside other tense patterns, it is often associated with negative situations and suggests higher volatility and sudden moves. Later in the week, Venus will finally catch up to Mars as they will conjoin near Friday's close of trading in New York A strong Venus often coincides with buying and gains, but when it comes in contact with malefics like Mars, its harmonious nature is compromised. Since Venus is already in a weakened state due to its transit of Virgo, this seems to be another negative astrological input.

"Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future." -- Niels Bohr