Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stocks rise after Uranus station; Jupiter-Pluto this week

Stocks rebounded worldwide last week as we got a let up in the stream of bad economic data and investors went bargain hunting. In New York, the Dow gained more than 5% before closing at 10,197 and the S&P finished the week at 1077. In Mumbai, gains were somewhat more muted as the Sensex climbed 2% to close at 17,833 and the Nifty ended Friday at 5352. Last week, I had written about the potential for "reversals of fortune" and "changes in plan" around the Uranus retrograde station on July 5 and the Solar Eclipse on July 11. As it happened, the recent losing streak may have come to a temporary halt around the 5th and the Uranus station as most markets bounced higher after the long holiday weekend in the US.

Now that Uranus is moving backward it is approaching its final opposition aspect with Saturn due for July 26. While it is possible we could see some negative fallout from this aspect ahead of that date, recent evidence would tend to suggest that stresses and disruptions arising from this clash are more likely to appear after the aspect is exact, i.e after July 26. The rise in prices in the wake of this Uranus station is perhaps testimony to its inherent symbolism towards freedom, independence and risk taking. A stronger Uranus will therefore often translate into higher stock prices since risk will feel more appropriate to the investment community. This prevailing sentiment may shift once Uranus again encounters the full force of Saturn's conservative and pessimistic nature in late July.

In the meantime, we can spot another intriguing pairing of slower moving planets in the square aspect between Jupiter and Pluto. Due to Jupiter's slower than normal motion in the month ahead of its retrograde station on July 23, this aspect seems to offer some help to investors since Jupiter's optimism is connected with Pluto's drive for power and large organizations. Perhaps we see significant attempts to solve major financial challenges facing the economy in the coming weeks. And yet given the backdrop of the Saturn-Uranus aspect, one wonders how successful such efforts might be.

Of particular note this week is an early week alignment between Venus, the planet of happiness, and the Jupiter-Pluto square. While Pluto is often malefic, this meeting involving two benefics tilts the scales towards the positive. The Sun enters sidereal Cancer late in the week so that may introduce a new dynamic into the mix.

Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on for diligence. -- Buddha