Sunday, April 18, 2010

Goldman Sachs and the Saturn-Uranus-Neptune alignment

A potential trend changer emerged last week with the fraud charges against financial giant, Goldman Sachs. Stocks in New York tumbled over 1% as the story surfaced, although the were unchanged on the week with the Dow closing at 11,018 and the S&P at 1192. Indian stocks lost almost 2% on interest rate worries as the Nifty closed at 5262 and the Sensex at 17,591. It seems as though the short term positives like the late week Venus-Jupiter aspect was overruled by the medium term influences. As I noted last week, the culmination of the long-standing Uranus-Neptune aspect on Tuesday and the Sun's entry into sidereal Aries on Wednesday may both be interpreted as increasing negative sentiment. While neither of these influences is amenable to precise predictions, they nonetheless add weight to the bearish case. Of course, back here on Earth the SEC attack on Goldman Sachs may well serve a similar purpose as Wall Street's "business as usual" model comes under threat and markets react accordingly.

This week begins with a planetary alignment of considerable heft as the Sun (5 Aries) , Saturn (5 Virgo), Uranus (4 Pisces) and Neptune (4 Aquarius) are all situated around 4 or 5 degrees of their respective signs. Saturn's presence in any multi-planet aspect needs to be watched carefully, as the planet of caution and restraint is often implicated in declines. The combination of the Sun with Saturn in this instance may reflect intransigence and inhibitions involving government and large firms. Uranus here suggests a frustrated desire for freedom and lack of regulation (= Wall St) while Neptune may represent the deceit employed by Goldman Sachs on an unsuspecting public. While Venus enters the more friendly confines of sidereal Taurus on Tuesday, it, too, will form a pattern with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune by week's end. While this is unlikely to have the same effects as the Sun's Monday alignment, it could still see tensions increase as the appetite for risk wanes.

The Saturn-Uranus opposition becomes exact next week on Tuesday, April 27. Last week, I suggested that this combination of incompatible planets often creates troubles, especially where the markets are concerned. Outcomes may vary due to other factors, such as the conditions of Saturn's sign dispositor. I mentioned last week that since Saturn was in Virgo, the condition of its ruler, Mercury, was heightened in its importance. Mercury is currently in a tense 6th house relationship with Saturn, so that is one reason to expect the current Saturn-Uranus aspect to correspond with lower prices on the markets and with an increase in general mayhem in the world. The eruption of the Icelandic volcano that has interrupted air travel across Europe is perhaps a reflection of this difficult aspect.

But Neptune (4 Aquarius) is also present in this alignment and that only ratchets up the potential for damage especially since it sits exactly 6 houses away from Saturn. In Vedic astrology, 6 is not a fortunate number so we are more likely to experience some uncomfortable Neptunian consequences from this aspect. In its negative iteration, Neptune governs illusion and deception so those themes are likely to become more prominent over the coming weeks. Certainly the Goldman Sachs' fraud episode can be seen as having a Neptunian component so it seems that this issue will not be resolved quickly or easily.